Tuition at Bonita’s School of Ballet is a yearly course fee broken down into 9 monthly payments for your convenience. Please be aware that monthly tuition fee remains the same regardless of weeks in the month, school vacation closings, or the number of absences in a month.

Tuition is due within the first week of every month.

  • A LATE FEE of $10.00 will be automatically added to your bill if payment is not received by the 10th of the month
  • RETURNED CHECKS will be charged a $35.00 fee.


  • Cash and Check are welcome.
  • Payments may be mailed to the studio, dropped off at desk, or placed in drop box.
  • All cash payments will receive a receipt.


The first child pays full fee, the second child receives 15% off, and the third child receives 10% off. In some instances we may ask you to provide evidence of the sibling relationship (i.e. copies of birth certificates).


All Hip Hop classes will have a separate fee. If Hip Hop is taken in addition to another class, the 30 minute class will cost $20/month and the 45 minute class will cost $25/month. If it is the only class taken, a 30 minute class will cost $50 monthly and a 45 minute class will cost $55 monthly.

Hours per WeekMonthly RateYearly Rate
30 minutes$50$450
45 minutes$55$495
1 hour$60$540
1 hour and 15 minutes$65$585
1 hour and 30 minutes$70$630
1 hour and 45 minutes$75$675
2 hours$80$720
2 hours and 15 minutes$85$774
2 hours and 30 minutes$90$819
2 hours and 45 minutes$95$864
3 hours$100$891
3 hours and 15 minutes$105$945
3 hours and 30 minutes$112$1008
3 hours and 45 minutes$118$1062
4 hours$120$1080
4 hours and 15 minutes$122$1098
4 hours and 30 minutes$125$1125
4 hours and 45 minutes$127$1143
5 hours$130$1170
5 hours and 15 minutes$132$1188
5 hours and 30 minutes$135$1215
5 hours and 45 minutes$138$1242
6 hours$140$1260
6 hours and 15 minutes$142$1278
6 hours and 30 minutes$145$1305
6 hours and 45 minutes$147$1323
7+ hours$150$1350