Studio Policies

  • Enrollment

· Classes for the 2017-2018 dance season begin Tuesday, September 5th and run through the last week of May or the finish of our Recital.

  • Studio Exclusivity Policy

· BSOB is a private dance school. To ensure the quality of our comprehensive dance program, we do not offer open classes to students who study at other studios. To maintain consistency in our students training, BSOB students are not allowed to train in other dance programs or at other studios outside of academic school of the arts.

· To avoid conflict with this policy, all outside workshops and intensives must be approved by BSOB program directors. Intensives and workshops at studios within a 75 mile radius will not be approved. Summer Intensives must be offered as a part of a pre-professional program and are not recommended for students younger than high school level.

  • Level Placement

· Children should be placed in classes appropriate to their age as of September 1, 2017.

· If adjustments need to be made, instructors will advise the parents of a different placement.

· High School students who would like to assist with classes should fill out and return the

Teacher Assistant Application no later than 8/30.

  • Scholarships


*Available to students enrolled ONLY at Bonita’s School of Ballet.*

· Boys: May enroll in all ballet classes free-of-charge. There is a fee charged for all modern/tap/jazz classes.

· Girls: Parents must apply and submit requested information (including tax forms) to qualify. Work scholarships are also available. These scholarships require that you or your student repay class time with work at the studio. Positions available include but are not limited to: Weekly Janitorial work & Building repairs and construction

· If you believe that you have other services to offer, please bring them to Mrs. Bonita for approval.

  • Class/Level Cancellations

· BSOB reserves the right to cancel or combine any class or level that does not have a sufficient number (at least 5) of students enrolled to support the instructor for the class.

  • Attendance

· Consistent attendance is very important in maintaining continual growth in technique and establishing muscle strength and muscle memory.

· Class attendance is taken daily.

· Please call or email the office if your child must be absent.

· Students are encouraged to make up missed classes on their level or one level below.

· We do not refund or pro-rate tuition for missed classes.

· Tuition at Bonita's School of Ballet is a yearly course fee broken down into 9 monthly payments for your convenience. Please be aware that monthly tuition fee remains the same regardless of weeks in the month, school vacation closings, or the number of absences in a month. Tuition for December is the same as every other month. There is no discount for the month of December.

  • Injuries

· Any injuries or illness that occurs while at the studio must be reported the same day to a teacher or at the office.

  • Late Arrival/Tardiness

· We expect our students to be prompt and ready for class.

· A student who is more than 10 minutes late should wait at the door quietly, without interrupting, and wait for the instructor to acknowledge them.

· Since a student who misses the first few class exercises runs the risk of injury by not being properly warmed up, the instructor will decide whether or not it is safe for the student to participate. The student may be asked to watch the class.

· Parents should not interrupt the class to give the instructor an explanation for their tardiness. If the instructor needs to know, the instructor will ask or contact you at an appropriate time.

  • Arrival and Departure

· Ages 12 & up should do stretching and core-strengthening exercises 10-15 minutes prior to class. This will build strength and flexibility to help prevent injuries. Use the hallway, but be careful not to block the main pathway.

· Students are not allowed in the classrooms or class doorways until invited by an instructor.

· Students must be picked up promptly after class. We cannot be responsible for the children after class. Please arrange for a prompt pick-up. Siblings under the age of 12 who are waiting on brothers or sisters to finish class must be accompanied by an adult.

· Please come into the building to pick up your child.

· Non-driving students are not allowed to wait outside or leave the premises until parents retrieve them. Please advise your child(ren) of this rule.

· Students are required to wear cover-ups when arriving and leaving the studio. Students my not arrive or leave in only their dance clothes. Dance shoes must not be worn outside of the building.

  • Class Preparation

· Students must be dressed and hair properly done prior to entering class.

· Restroom trips should be completed prior to class time. Students will not be allowed to leave during class except in cases of emergencies. Limit fluid consumption immediately before class.

· Students should be prepared with proper shoes, water bottle, and other classroom necessities outside of the dance room at appropriate class times.

· It is not the instructor’s responsibility to search the hallways, bathrooms, or dressing rooms for students.

· All students must be fully prepared in order to participate in class. PLEASE encourage your student to prepare the night before class and pack the necessary shoes, clothing, and hair supplies.

· Don’t forget your shoes! No student will be allowed to take class without the proper shoes. There will be a rental fee ($2.00) to borrow shoes from BSOB.

  • Dressing Rooms

· Dressing Rooms are to be used ONLY for changing clothes.

· Students are not allowed to loiter in the dressing rooms before or after class and will be asked to leave if they do so.

· DO NOT use restroom as a dressing room.

· Do not allow younger children or siblings to run in and out of the dressing rooms. We do not want any disturbances of others who may be changing.

  • Dress Code/Hair Rules (all ages)

· Class Leotards must be worn to the appropriate classes.

· Tights:

             - Should be convertible (hole in bottom of the feet) for all modern students and pre-pointe level & up.

             - No shimmery tights.

             - Pink tights for girls, black leggings for boys.

             - Replace tights as necessary so there are no large holes or runs.

· Ballet shoes:

             - Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes for girls. Boys should wear black leather or canvas ballet shoes.

             - Must have elastic securely sewn on.

             - No drawstring bows sticking out. It is better that drawstrings are tied in a double knot and excess string                 is cut off. Be sure that the string is long enough to be tucked inside the ballet shoe.

             - Ballet shoes may NOT be worn outside the building as it reduces the life of the shoes and may bring                       hazardous materials into the studio that can damage the floor and/or cause injuries for students.

· Tap/Jazz Shoes:

             - Tap shoes should be flat black.

             - Tap shoes should only be worn in the dance room to reduce fall risk.

             - Jazz shoes should be black canvas shoes (Sansha Tivoli).

             - Tap and/or jazz shoes may NOT be worn outside the building as it reduces the life of the shoes and may                 bring hazardous materials into the studio that can damage the floor and/or cause injuries for students.

· Hair

            - Neat classical ballet bun secured with plenty of hairpins

            - Hairnet same color as girl’s hair is recommended

            - All whispies sprayed down

            - Bangs: allowed for younger students only and should not cover the eyes.

            - If hair is too short for a bun, it must be pulled back neatly from face, off the neck, and secured with                      elastic bands or barrettes that will not fall out.

· No leg warmers or other additional clothing is allowed in class without the instructor’s permission.

· Stud pierced earrings are the ONLY jewelry allowed in class. This means no large earrings, bracelets, hair bands, watches, necklaces, or rings. You will be asked to remove these items. BSOB staff is not responsible for the safe return of jewelry that must be removed after the student has entered the classroom.

  • Recital

· Recital Fee:

           - $40, Due before April 1

· Recital Costume:

          - $25 deposit due at Registration

          - $25/$50 installment due November 1 (See Registration form for more details)

          - Costume balance due February

          - NO REFUNDS!

· Recital Dances:

          - Dances are taught during class. We begin work on our recital dances in February, and a great deal of                      rehearsal is done during the last few weeks prior to recital time. Attendance in class for the weeks prior to              BSOB’s recitals/performances is required to ensure your child a place in the dance. We cannot teach                      dances during rehearsals, so it is important that you are there during class time.

· Trophies:

          - Trophies are presented either during the last week of classes or at the end of the recital. Trophies are                    given for the 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 years. A fee is charged per trophy, varying according to year.

· Performance Date: June 2nd

  • Dance Etiquette

· Class Etiquette

          - No hanging on the barres.

          - Do not enter classroom without instructor’s permission.

          - Receive permission from instructor before leaving class.

          - No talking or horseplay during class. Excessive misconduct may result in the parents being called in for a                conference with the instructor. Misconduct by one or a few interrupts the class for all students.

          - No arguing with the instructor or complaining about class work. Negative attitudes affect the entire class

          - No chewing gum.

          - Follow hair and dress codes.

· Studio Etiquette

          - No running or excessive noise in the studio.

          - No theft will be tolerated.

          - No littering—trashcans are provided.

          - No street shoes in classrooms.

          - NO FOOD OR DRINKS (except water bottles).

          - For safety reasons, no students or children will be allowed in classrooms without supervision by a BSOB                  staff person. Use of classrooms for “rehearsals” must be approved by Mrs. Bonita, in advance, and be                    within a time frame that staff is available for direct supervision.

· Family and Friends of Students

           - DO NOT INTERRUPT CLASS! Our teachers are instructed to continue teaching when parents stick their                  heads in the door to tell them something. Interruptions interfere with the training of students.

           - Only staff and students allowed in classrooms.

           - Parents, siblings, and friends are not allowed in empty classrooms.

           - Adults in the hallway should always speak QUIETLY whether talking among themselves or disciplining                     other children. Noise is a major distraction for the students in class.

           - No running or horseplay, which can cause injuries or disturb classes.

           - Children not in class cannot be left unattended.

           - Children should not be allowed to play in the middle of the hallway.

           - There is to be no videotaping of any class either in the classroom or from the door without permission                   from the instructor or school director. No dance or portion of choreography/class may be posted in               it's  entirety on any social media outlet or website without permission from the school director.

· Failure to adhere to these rules may be called to an adult and/or child’s attention by a staff member.

  • No Bullying Policy

· BSOB adheres to a strict no bullying policy.

· Any student who participates in name calling, threats of verbal or physical harm, or physical or emotional intimidation or harassment will be placed on probation and faces immediate dismissal.

· Students and parents concerned with student conduct should immediately contact a teacher or administrative staff member.

  • Lost and Found

· BSOB is not responsible for items lost, misplaced, or left unattended in the studio. Put your name on ALL of your belongings.

· Take valuables with you to the classroom and do not leave them in the dressing room, hallways, or offices.

· Items found at the studio at the end of the day will be place in the Lost & Found box, which is located in the school office.

· **NEW** All "dance" class items (shoes, tights, leotards, water bottles, etc.) are subject to a $1 per article return fee. This fee will be put towards our studio building fund.

· Items in the Lost & Found box are periodically donated to a charitable group.

  • Holidays

· The studio will be closed for the following holidays:

         - Thanksgiving—November 22-24

         - Christmas—December 18-January 1

         - Easter Break—April 2-6

· Inclement Weather Policy:

          - The studio will close for inclement weather as necessary. Check our website for updates.

· We do not close for teacher workdays.