2022-23 Dance Schedule

Dress Code:

Female Dancers should wear pink tights with Class Leotard.
Leotards are available from M.A.Zing Dancewear in downtown Monroe.

Any “Student Choice” Leotards should fully cover the dancer’s torso and be worn with tights.

Male Dancers should wear black tights or fitted pants. Shirt colors are listed with each class.

*Please check for this symbol before you register!

Full classes are unable to accept any more students.
Please notify us if you would like to be added to a wait list, and we will contact you if availability changes. *

Class Schedule by Day


TimeLevelClass StyleGirls Leotard ColorBoys Shirt Color
Studio A
4:00-5:00Level 3 BalletDeep Violet PurpleWhite
5:00-6:30 Intermediate Ballet/PointeBlackBlack
6:30-8:00Advanced 1Ballet/PointeBlack CamisoleBlack
Studio B
4:00-5:00Level 4/5 BalletBlackBlack
5:00-6:30Level 6/7 Ballet/Beginner Pointe/Pre-PointeRoyal BlueRoyal Blue
6:30-8:00Advanced 2 Ballet/PointeBlack CamisoleBlack
Studio C
4:30-5:00Level 6/7ModernRoyal BlueBlack
5:00-5:30Level 4/5ModernBlackBlack
5:30-6:15Advanced 1 & 2ModernBlack CamisoleBlack
6:30-7:00Intermediate ModernBlackBlack
7:00-8:15Beginner TeenBalletBlackBlack


TimeLevelClass StyleGirls Leotard ColorBoys Shirt Color
Studio A
4:15-5:15Level 4BalletRedWhite
5:15-6:45Level 6/7Ballet/Beginner Pointe/Pre-PointeBlackBlack
6:45-8:15Advanced 1Ballet/PointeBlack CamisoleBlack
Studio B
5:00-5:45PrimaryBalletLight PurpleWhite
5:45-6:45Level 2BalletTurquoise BlueWhite
6:45-8:15Advanced 2Ballet/PointeWhite CamisoleBlack
Studio C
4:45-5:45 Pre-Primary Ballet/TapLight BlueWhite
5:45-6:45Level 5BalletBlackBlack


TimeLevelClass StyleGirls Leotard ColorBoys Shirt Color
Studio A
4:45-6:15Intermediate Ballet/PointeBlack CamisoleBlack Camisole
6:15-7:15Boys Ballet (10-13 yr old)BalletN/ABlack
7:15-9:00Advanced 1 & 2 Ballet/PointeTropic GreenBlack
Studio B
4:00-4:45Level 1BalletBright PinkWhite
4:45-5:45Level 2BalletTurquoise BlueWhite
5:45-6:45Level 3BalletDeep Violet PurpleWhite
6:45-8:00Level 4/5Ballet/Pre-PointeRedWhite
Studio C
4:30-5:30Creative DanceBallet/TapLight PinkWhite
5:30-6:30Pre-PrimaryBallet/TapLight BlueWhite
6:30-7:30Primary Ballet/TapLight PurpleWhite
7:30-8:15Adult (Beginner-Intermediate)Tap


TimeLevelClass StyleGirls Leotard ColorBoys Shirt Color
Studio A
2:30-4:00Level 6/7 Ballet/Beginner Pointe/Pre-PointeRoyal BlueBlack
4:15-5:15Level 3 BalletDeep Violet PurpleWhite
5:15-6:45Advanced 1 BalletBallet/PointeBlack CamisoleBlack
6:45-8:15Advanced 2 BalletBallet/PointeBlack CamisoleBlack
Studio B
4:00-4:30Level 5Pre-PointeBurgundyWhite
4:30-5:30Level 5 BalletBurgundyWhite
5:45-6:30Creative DanceBalletPinkWhite
Studio C
5:00-6:00Boys Ballet (7-9 yr old)BalletN/AWhite
6:00-6:45Level 1 BalletBalletBright PinkWhite
6:45-8:15Level 6/7 BalletBallet/Beginner Pointe/Pre-PointeRoyal BlueBlack


TimeLevelClass StyleGirls Leotard ColorBoys Shirt Color
Studio A
4:00-4:30Level 1-3JazzStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
4:30-5:00Level 4-5JazzStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
5:00-5:30Level 6/7-IntermediateJazzStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
5:30-6:15Advanced 1 & 2 JazzStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
6:15-7:00Advanced 1 & 2Hip HopStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
7:30-9:00Advanced 1 & 2Ballet/PointeStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
Studio B
4:30-5:00Level 1-3Hip HopStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
5:00-5:30Level 4-5Hip HopStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
5:30-6:00Level 6/7-IntermediateHip HopStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
6:00-7:30Level 6/7Ballet/Beginner Pointe/Pre-PointeBlackBlack
Studio C
3:45-4:45Pre-PrimaryBallet/TapLight BlueWhite
5:00-5:30Level 1-3TapStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
5:30-6:00Level 4/5TapStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
6:00-6:30IntermediateTapStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
7:00-7:30Advanced 1 & 2TapStudent ChoiceStudent Choice
7:30-8:00Level 6/7TapStudent ChoiceStudent Choice